Delegation To America

12th September 2018

Delegation To America

September, 2018

John Mann MP, Dr Lisa Cameron MP, Paula Sherriff MP, Andrew Percy MP and Guto Bebb MP all visited Washington, and some of the delegation New York, on a visit to the United States of America.

The APPG delegation visited the United States Holocaust Museum, where they were briefed about the museum’s work. There were congressional meetings including with  Congressman Deutch, a leading member of the bi-congressional taskforce for combating antisemitism.

The delegation was particularly keen to discuss efforts to address social media harms and so met with US NGO Media Matters, with Facebook and others.

In New York, some of the delegation held meetings at the UN to discuss global approaches to combating antisemitism, including with the Under-Secretary-General for the Department of Global Communications, Alison Smale and with the Assistant Secretary-General Miroslav Jenca.

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