London Half-Day Tour 3

22nd November 2018

London Half-Day Tour 3

November, 2018

The All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism, with assistance from the Trust, ran a third half-day tour around London in November, providing participants with a proper understanding of antisemitism, and enabling them to gain a real insight into the Jewish Community’s fears and concerns.

Delegation participants: Anna McMorrin MP, Robert Courts MP, Kevin Foster MP, Ian Austin MP and an official from the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

The delegation began the day at the headquarters of the CST where they were briefed about the community’s security operation and modern antisemitism by a number of leading experts.

The group then transferred to a Jewish School and heard directly from pupils about their thoughts and feelings about being young Jews in Britain.

Following the school visit, MPs met with the Union of Jewish Students to try and better understand antisemitism on university campuses.

Finally, the parliamentarians were briefed over lunch by Dr Joe Mulhall (HOPE not Hate, Senior Researcher), and by Danny Stone MBE, Director of the Antisemitism Policy Trust, who drew together the different policy concerns from the day and brought the visit to a close.

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