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Hate Speech Spell Checker
Antisemitic Attacks in London Soar and here.
John Mann at the Limmud conference, here and here
Minister – Everyone suffers when Jews are attacked
Editor’s Code Not Fit For Purpose
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Luciana Berger talks Twitter
Israel-Palestine and Antisemitism, MP EDM
Labour leader on Kaufman


MPs Speak Out on Kaufman Comments
Some Antisemitic Trends Endure
Lessons We’ve Learned From Paris


Apology for antisemitic tweet


MP targetted by online trolls
MP: Antisemitism is ‘acceptable racism’
Veteran MP’s Campaign Against Antisemitism Enters New Phase
Interview with Labour’s John Mann
British Football Is Still Rife With Antisemitism
A warning to antisemites: Britain is hitting back


Twitter launches war against antisemitism


Sacks praise for APPG
New Government Will Continue To Fight Antisemitism Says Minister


Tulip Siddiq MP on Antisemitism and here


Amnesty “slammed”


ACPO, CST & Tell Mama agree data-sharing protocol
(ACPO Press Release)
In Full: David Cameron’s speech to CST
School Security Pledge
Film banned over scenes of neo-Nazis terrorising Jewish family

Special: All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism

Clippings from the papers
Jewish News: Yvette Cooper
Politics Home/House Magazine: John Mann Op-Ed
European Jewish Press
Ham & High: North London Rabbis…
Wall Street Journal: Howard Jacobson
Church Times: Welby is shocked by a rise in antisemitism
Jewish Chronicle: Key recommendations
Jewish News: John Mann Op-Ed
Jewish Chronicle: All-Party Report
Jewish Chronicle: Poll reveals….
JTA: Parliamentary Report
BBC: How to reverse surge in religious hate crime
Wired: MPs-Ban hate crime offenders from social media
London Live: Interview with Richard Ferrer
Times of Israel: Manifestations of antisemitism shock British MPs
Le Figaro: GB-A report to combat antisemitism
Arutz Sheva: Sharansky-UK Antisemitism report ‘An Important Step’
Labour Uncut: If “never again” is to be more than just a phrase…
Lib Dem Voice: The fight against antisemitism isnt over
Politics Home: John Mann MP – UK must unite against antisemitism
Jewish News: Archbishop Welby backs anti-semitism report to tackle online hate
Guardian: Punish hate crime on social media with internet asbos, say MPs
Yahoo News: Welby backs antisemitism report
Labour List: Our cross-party report underlines the need for action over anti-semitism
Progress: We need a global, progressive alliance to fight antisemitism
IBT: MPs call for racist social media users to be banned from Facebook and Twitter
Politics Home: Govt open to social media racism bans – Javid
ITV: Welby admits CoE failings as he backs ‘internet asbos’
Vice: Treat internet haters like sex offenders, says British MPs
Mail Online: Internet ‘Asbos’ for hate crime
ITV: MPs call for ‘internet asbos’ for abusive social media users
Y-Net News: UK needs to take urgent action over anti-semitism, report says
Yorkshire Post: Racists face ‘Internet Asbos’ to keep them off Twitter
Mashable: ‘Internet Asbos’ could be given to trolls who spread anti-semitism
ITV: Abusive social media users could get ‘internet asbos’
Wales Online: Should trolls be hit with ‘Internet Asbos’
Belfast Telegraph: Internet ‘Asbos’ for hate crime
Herald: Antisemitism a ‘worsening issue
FT: ‘Internet Asbos’ for people who spread hatred online
Huff Post: Antisemites face ‘internet asbos’ for spreading hatred online
Sky: ‘Internet Asbos’ for hate crime perpetrators
Jewish News: MPs call for government fund for shul security
JC: Report calls for measures on shul security and internet hate
Daily Express: People who post anti-semitic messages online shoud be banned from internet, blasts MP
Bloomberg: Urgency needed to combat UK antisemitism, panel says
Reuters: UK needs to take urgent action over anti-semitism, lawmakers say
Independent: Hit racial hatred trolls with ‘internet asbos’ and treat them like sex offenders, MPs say
Mirror: Facebook and Twitter trolls to be given internet asbos for anti-semitism
Metro: Internet Racists ‘could be dealt with in same way as sex offenders’
Daily Mail: Call for online Asbos in bid to tackle rise in anti-semitism
BBC: Ban racists from social media, anti-semitism report says
The Times: Ban this hateful antisemitic abuse, Welby tells social media
JC: This report shows we must all play our part to fight the menace of antisemitism


Persevere in antisemitism fight
Luciana Berger’s Neo-Nazi Twitter troll is finally silenced 
Surge in online hate fuels record antisemitism figures in 2014
Neo-Nazi jailed for abusing Luciana Berger continues hate campaign


Antisemitism: the old disease has found new hosts
HMD Highlights Uneasy Comparisons with Antisemitism and Islamophobia
Virus of anti-semitism ‘is an attack on all of us’ warns Labour MP
Lord Ahmad on Government Antisemitism Report