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David Lammy on Electoral Conduct
BBC’s Danny Cohen speaks out
Lord Beecham comments on far-right
The Societal Sickness of Antisemitism


Meetings with Twitter & Facebook and here
Police Action on Abuse and here
Hate Tweets Fired Across the Atlantic
Antisemific Graffiti
Merseyside arrests
Social Media is Failing to Combat Abuse
Internet Trolls should get web ban and here, here, here and here.
John Mann on his Twitter Debate



Evidence Sought for Parliamentary Inquiry
Ed Miliband condemns antisemitic abuse
Structural Failure to Curb Abuse on Twitter
A Quagmire of Antisemitism
Andrew Stunell on Antisemitism
MP wants action over ‘vitriolic’ Twitter abuse of colleague and here
Bring Twitter Before Parliament To Answer On Racism Says Mann
(APPG Press Release)
Twitter Jail Term “Important Precedent
MP welcomes jail term for hate tweeter
First Prison Sentence for Antisemitic Tweethere and here


Web Giants Unite To Fight Online Hate
Luciana Berger MP Op-Ed
MPs Learn Lessons of a Summer of Hatred
Society of Editors Online Moderation Guide
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Video Recordings Act Regulations
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Football Clubs to be Punished for Abusive Fans
Antisemitic incidents ‘soar in UK’. Similar stories here and here.


Parliamentary Report into Antisemitism from the Middle East conflict, herehere and here.


FA doing ‘good work’
UKIP defends alliance with Swedish extremists


Integration, Disadvantage and Extremism Report
(APPG Press Release)
Reaction to Belgian terrorist incident
Natascha Engel Electoral Conduct Blog
Electoral Conduct Debate coverage: here, herehere and here


Academic Symposium Report
Hilary Benn Jewish News Op Ed
In Europe, Antisemitism Looks Like Other Hate Crimes
Bassetlaw MP calls for UKIP to take action over candidate’s tweet
MP applauds ‘strong message’ on Anelka gesture


Further articles on Anelka here and here
Call to remove UKIP candidate
No Antisemitism in Malta
Dieudonné ban welcomed
Mann on Dieudonne


‘Nazi Stag Party’ criticised
FA rocked by growing criticism
Online Football Hate (or to download click here)
FA inquiry into Anelka’s Quenelle
John Mann on the Quenelle