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Special: Electoral Conduct Inquiry

Coverage of the electoral conduct report  was achieved in national press here, here and here. In local Press here, herehere and here and in Faith media here and here and specialist media here. A blog by David Lammy is here, Natascha Engel here and here, by David Burrowes here, Andrew Stunell here and Stuart Andrew here. The Daily Politics show covered the report as did the Sunday Politics Show and LBC radio. Today in Parliament covered the report here which is downloadable here. Natascha Engel also asked a question to the Prime Minister (at 12.24.10) and an EDM was tabled. The Speaker’s remarks at the reception to launch the inquiry are viewable here.

The oral evidence sessions featured in National, Local, in various Faith media  and international press and on today in parliament.
The inquiry was previewed by BBC Radio Manchester, Radio Norfolk & Radio Devon (also on BBC Derby, Midlands, Kent & Cumbria)
Other stories featred included: Today In Parliament 01/02/13 or download here
Jewish Chronicle & Jewish News Coverage
Christian Times Coverage or here.
Newsnet Scotland Coverage

MPs on the panel distributed their own Press Releases:
David Burrowes MP, Natascha Engel MP, Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP
The Rationale for the All-Party Inquiry
All-Party Inquiry Into Electoral Conduct: Call for Papers

Coverage of the subsequent parliamentary debate is here, here, here, here and here. A blog from Natascha Engel is here.


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