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UK Antisemitic Incidents Fall – CST Report

CST’s Antisemitic Incidents Report 2011 has just been publushed, showing that the number of antisemitic incidents in the United Kingdom fell in 2011 for the second year running.

A total of 586 incidents were reported to CST in 2011, a 9% fall from the 645 antisemitic incidents recorded in 2010. Despite this second successive annual fall, the 2011 total is still the fourth-highest annual total since CST began recording antisemitic incidents in 1984. The last six years have seen the six highest annual totals so far recorded by CST: 598 antisemitic incidents in 2006, 561 in 2007, 546 in 2008, 929 in 2009, 645 in 2010 and now 586 in 2011. The 2009 peak reflected antisemitic reactions to that year’s conflict between Israel and Hamas, illustrating the impact external events can have on British antisemitism.

A further 437 reports of potential incidents were received by CST, but upon investigation were not deemed to be antisemitic and are not included in this total. This makes a total of 1,023 incidents that required some degree of response from CST staff and volunteers throughout the year. Most incidents are reported directly to CST by incident victims or witnesses.

For the first time ever, CST recorded more antisemitic incidents in Greater Manchester than in Greater London. This is mainly the result of improved reporting of incidents by Manchester’s Jewish community to CST and to Greater Manchester Police, and a close working relationship between CST and GMP.

The breakdown of the incident types shows that there were 92 violent antisemitic assaults in 2011, including one classified as ‘Extreme Violence’; 63 incidents of Damage & Desecration of Jewish property; 394 incidents of Abusive Behaviour, including verbal abuse, antisemitic graffiti and one-off cases of hate mail; 29 direct antisemitic threats; and 8 cases of mass-mailed antisemitic leaflets or emails.

You can read more about the type of incidents in 2011, who they affected, who carried them out and where they happened, in the full report available here.

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2012 & German Inquiry

Holocaust Memorial Day falls on 27 January. A number of events and memorials will be taking place. Details can be found via the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, the Holocaust Educational Trust and ideas for teachers through the Holocaust Education Development Programme. The University of Southern California meanwhile has an online resource providing some 1000 video testimonies of survivors.

The UN held a memorial event, the Scottish Parliament had its time for reflection and announced renewed funding for school visits to Auschwitz and the UK Parliament held a memorial debate the video for which is below.

Meanwhile, a report has been published by a group of experts in Germany on antisemitism. The group which authored the report was commissioned by the German Parliament to do so, in a model inspired by the UK APPG inquiry model. A story about the report is available from BBC online the report is online here.

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Two Troubling Tales for the New Year

There have been two troubling stories early in 2o12:

1. Readers may have heard by now about an assault on a Jewish student who took issue with a Nazi-themed game being played by LSE students on a ski trip.

John Mann MP said: “It is vital that universities have effective systems in place for dealing with racist incidents like this and I insist that rapid action is taken to deal with this issue”

2. MP Tom Harris has stepped down from his role leading the Labour party’s social media review after he posted a ‘joke video’ of Hitler.

These incidents come just two days before MPs take part in the Holocaust Memorial Day debate in Parliament.

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