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Questions From Previous Sessions

Questions From Previous Sessions 2012-3

Commons (and Devolved Governments/Administrations)

Security of Jewish Schools 17-07-13 (O)
Internet Antisemitism 12-06-13 (O)
Campus Antisemitism 25-04-13 (O)
Antisemitism 18-3-13 (W)
Deputy Prime-Ministers Questions 12-02-13 (O)
Northern Ireland: Antisemitism 24-01-13 (O)
Prime Minister’s Questions: HMD 24-01-13 (O)
Higher Education: Antisemitism 21-01-13 (W)
Education Questions (Topical: T9) 21-01-13 (O)
Business of the House (HMD) 17-01-13 (O)
Incitement 20-12-12 (W)
Hate Crime 18-12-12 (W)
Antisemitism 12-12-12 (W)
Higher Education: Antisemitism 10-12-12 (W)
Football: Racial Discrimination 06-12-12 (W)
Antisemitism 06-12-12 (W)
Religious Hate 29-11-12 (W)
Hate Crime (Scottish PQ) 27-11-12 (W)
Middle East: Discrimination 27-11-12 (Q4) (W)
Egypt: Antisemitism 12-11-12 (W)
Antisemitism 24-10-12 (W)
Far Right Extremism (Scottish Parliament Question) 12-09-12 (W)
Munich Olympics Massacre 05-09-12 (O)
Racial Discrimination: EU Action 02-07-12 (W)
Greece: Antisemitism 25-06-12 (W)
Racist Hate Crime (Scottish PQs) 21-06-12 (O)
France: Antisemitism 20-06-12 (W)
Antisemitism: Football 20-06-12 (W)
Euro 2012 18-06-12 (W)
Race Relations: EU Action 14-06-12 (W) 
NHS Discrimination 22-05-12 (W)
Local Government: Equality 16-05-12 (W)
UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 16-05-12 (W)
Antisemitism (Mcann, MacShane) 15-05-12 (O)
Extremism 15-05-12 (W)


The Future of EU Enlargement 26-06-13 (O)
Freedom of Religion 04-02-13 (W)
Freedom of Religion 22-1-13 (O)
Ukraine: Antisemitism 22-1-13 (W)
Racism 4-12-12 (W)
Religious Discrimination 27-11-12 (W)
Religion in the UK (Question for Short Debate 22-11-12 (O)
Racism 12-11-12 (W)
Sport: Racism 31-10-12 (W)
Hate Crime 29-10-12 (W)
Hate Crime 17-10-12 (W)
Holocaust Education 2012 (Recess) (W)
Terrorism: Hizb-Ut Tahrir 05-07-12 (O)
Religious Groups: Discrimination 02-07-12 (W)
Sport: Euro2012 02-07-12 (W)
Holocaust 13-o6-12 (W)
Israel 21-05-12 (W)

Key: O = Oral Question W = Written Question