London Half-Day Tour

28th February 2020

London Half-Day Tour

February, 2020

On 6 February MPs Emma Hardy, Alison McGovern, Chris Green and Andrew Percy were joined by author and singer Louise Wener for a tour of London to examine antisemitism and its impact on the Jewish community.

The tour was the sixth organised by the Trust for the APPG Against Antisemitism. The delegation began the day at the headquarters of the CST where they were briefed about the community’s security operation and modern antisemitism by a number of leading experts. The group then transferred to a Jewish School and heard directly from pupils about their thoughts and feelings about being young Jews in Britain. Following the school visit, the delegation and others were treated to a performance of Marlon Solomon’s one-man show about antisemitic conspiracy theories. A wider group of people joined the audience including civil servants, student leaders, academicas, NGOs, journalists and Trade Union representatives.


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